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Nerissa Nields has been a member of the band The Nields since 1991. She has toured North America, been on major labels, minor labels, had big fat publishing deals and moderate but very gratifying successes. Between the Nields and her duo with sister Katryna Nields, she has fifteen CDs out; the duo is working on their sixteenth, tentatively titled Motherlode. Her work has appeared in many compilations, magazines and movies. Her first novel, Plastic Angel,was published by Scholastic Press in 2005. Her life guide for twentysomethings, How to Be an Adult was published by Mercy House in 2008. She and Katryna are currently at work on All Together Singing in the Kitchen: The Musical Family, due out on Shambhala Books in 2011. She is also preparing a blovel, The Big Idea, which will being posting in January 2010. Winner of the Steve Adams cup for bringing artistic excellence to the community and founder of the University's a cappella folk singing group Tangled Up In Blue, she is an honored graduate of Yale University and holds a BA in English. She has taught creative writing, songwriting and guitar for her entire adult life and is passionately in love with what she gets to do for a living.

Trained by Martha Beck, "Oprah's life coach," since 2005 Nerissa Nields has an active coaching practice called Life Composition (www.lifecomposition.com.) "I gear my life coaching towards "readers and writers," although you don't need to be an actual writer, (or even a reader) to benefit. I believe that our stories are what make us sick AND our stories are what heal us. That art has the power to heal, that reading has the power to heal. One of my clients learned more from a performance of the play Wit (about living in your heart rather than your head) than she did from years of therapy. Another client uses the novels of Wallace Stevens to keep her marriage healthy and communicative. For myself, I learned about faith and bitterness from Bob Dylan, about joy from the early Beatles, about family from King Lear and Anna Karenina. So, in the course of our work together, I might assign the client a re-reading of his or her favorite novel, poem or play as a jumping off place. "

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."-Gospel of Thomas, 70.

"As such, I might also suggest you write a story, a song, a poem about your experience. When the story exist on paper, outside of ourselves, a clear projection rather than a spooling internal narrative, we can see it for what it is: a story, rather than our destiny.

"I work with every aspect of the person--physical, emotional, spiritual. I work on issues about relationships, family, finances, vocation and avocation. Everyone's life is a statement. Everyone's life is a work of art. Every moment can be savored.


To schedule Nerissa for retreats, workshops or seminars, or for one-on -one work, email her at Nerissand@gmail.com.

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